Alix Jack

Alix Jack


Where were you born and raised?

Keller, Texas

How did you get started in health and fitness?

I danced from childhood through college, where I studied Kinesiology. I went on to earn my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, so you could say I've been studying movement my whole life! After I became a mom, I looked for ways to incorporate my love of movement into my busy life and found a home at InBalance!

What is your favorite class to teach?

I love all my classes for different reasons! Barre comes most naturally to me because of my background in dance, but I love the balance of strength and flexibility in Pilates and Barefoot Bootcamp is just a good sweat!

What do you want every person to get out of your class?

I would like each person leaving my class to feel that they have gotten a balanced full-body workout, that they have cleared their minds for some time, and that they have gained a some confidence in the process!

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