inBalance Pilates Teacher Training

inBalance offers their own unique Pilates Teacher Training Program. Our training model is an assessment-based certificate programs and continuing education is based on a college curriculum model. Graduates of the full 500 hour comprehensive Pilates instructor certificate are receiving the equivalent of an associate’s degree, in terms of credit hours, and will be completely prepared to sit for the Pilates Method Alliance-Certified Pilates Teacher exam (PMA-CPT, the ONLY national Pilates instructor certification).

Following an academic model, our curriculum was designed with YOU, the student, in mind. Our courses are accessible, flexible and affordable! As a student of our Teacher Training Program, you can elect to take the entire comprehensive 500 hour equipment program all at once, or pick and choose to take courses as best fits your needs, schedule and budget. However, in order to complete the full requirements necessary to sit for the PMA Certified Pilates Teacher Exam, all prerequisites must be satisfied, and required courses must be taken order of level (100 level courses, followed by 200 level courses, and then 300 and 400 level courses). We also offer an apprenticeship program for local students to help you through your entire training and get the classes necessary to begin teaching as an instructor!

2019 Training Dates:

  • Pilates Mat 101 - July 26-28
  • Pilates Mat 102 - August 23-25
  • Reformer - TBA
  • Chair Training - TBA
  • Cadillac/Tower - TBA
My Pilates Career Goal... Required Workshops Self Practice & Observation Apprenticeship Cost
Teach Pilates Mat Classes
  • Mat 101
  • Mat 102

Combined are Comprehensive Mat

  • 10 Hours Self-Practice
  • 10 Hours Observation
None required
  • Mat 101 $450
  • Mat 102 $400

Discount available if paid in one payment

Teach Pilates Reformer Classes
  • Mat 101
  • Mat 102
  • Anatomy 201
  • Reformer 301
  • Practical & Written Exam
  • 25 Hours Self Practice
  • 25 Hours Observation
100 Hours
  • Comprehensive Mat 101 & 102 $800
  • Anatomy 201 $349
  • Reformer 301 $1,500
  • Exams 301 $225

Total - $2,874

Teach all Pilates Equipment Comprehensively Trained*
  • Mat 101
  • Mat 102
  • Anatomy 201
  • Reformer 301
  • Cadillac (Trapeze Table) 302
  • Chair and Barrels 303
  • Practical and Written Exams
  • 50 Hours Self Practice
  • 50 Hours Observation
300 Hours
  • Comprehensive Mat 101 & 102 $800
  • Anatomy 201 $349
  • Reformer 301 $1,500
  • Cadillac (Trapeze Table)/Tower 302 $750
  • Chair and Barrels 303 $750
  • Exams 301, 302, 303 $450

Total - $4,599
Discount available if paid in one payment


  • Discounts are viable for those who have complete the inBalance Instructor Certification Course.
  • Test out for each course above is from both a written and practical exam.
  • Payment plans are available. Email for more information.
  • All courses do not have to be completed all at once to complete the course. Course fees do not expire, so you can space these out or spread them out over the course of a couple years if needed. Courses will be scheduled on a rolling basis, so if you miss one course the first time around, you can catch it the next time.

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