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Some of our inBalance workouts can be intense. Please get medical clearance before trying to workout. We are happy to match you with a program that will support your recovery. Our instructors hold multiple fitness certifications as well as pre/post-natal exercise and are familiar with corrective exercises and modifications that can help you as you rehabilitate with private sessions or in group classes. Be sure to let your instructor know about an injuries or restrictions you face before starting the class.

Yes! With doctor’s approval, many of our clients (and many of our instructors!) do all of the inBalance workouts up until they give birth. Labor and parenting require strength, stamina and energy and training is a great way to prepare yourself for the challenge. We also have private trainers with pre/post-natal certifications that can construct workouts just for you!

Most classes at inBalance require bare feet or grippy socks (can be purchased in the studio). However, some classes contain content that will have you jumping and moving in all planes of motion so, for these classes, wear sneakers with a good tread on the bottom (cross trainers with medium support). Avoid running shoes (too slick!)! Classes requiring sneakers are inBalance Body, inBalance Latin Sculpt, and inBalance Suspension Sculpt.

All of our classes are for men! Men should really be doing all of the class formats and exercises at inBalance do to help with core strength and flexibility, but the most popular classes for men are yoga, mat pilates, and Reformer pilates.

At inBalance we believe that a love of movement should start as early in life as possible! Our classes are suitable for all teens, as well as kids as young as 10 (of course it always depends on the child and their attention level). If your child isn't up for being in classes with adults, we do offer kids classes during the summer to keep them active and these classes are for kids of all ages!

inBalance offers nutritional counseling, consultations and meal plans so that you have everything you need to get the results you are looking for. Meet with Hope to discuss your goals, medical history and availability, then set a program to get results! For appointments contact

Check out our class schedule. Hover over class names to see the class description. We recommend starting with our introductory offer of $69 for your first moth of unlimited classes!

Our 8 week 8 to Great Transformation Program offers the best of everything inBalance has to offer—our signature program designed to combine our workouts, a personalized nutrition plan to support your training and goals, unlimited classes, weekly motivational emails, accountability measurements. inBalance recommends you take 3-5 classes per week to feel the benefits of our programs. Price incentives are extended to committed clients in the form of class packages and memberships.

Visit our rates to look at class options and memberships. The best rule of thumb is if you are coming classes at least 3 or more times per week, you should purchase a membership, as this is the most cost efficient way to come to classes at inBalance. Long term memberships allow for discounts, ability for membership hold or freezes and more. Read more from the Rates page.

We have a wide range of class offerings to challenge you, mind and body. For those who are new to working out, we recommend starting some some of our four national classes like yoga or mat pilates. For those whoa re not beginners to working out but want a low impact class, choose a class such as inBalance Barre, our NON IMPACT sculpting class Pilates Rhythm and Flow, or Piloxing. For those who are avid exerciser, choose a higher intensity class like inBalance BODY (dance cardio), inBalance Barer BURN, or inBalance SUSPENSION SCUPLT. Check our our class schedule to check out all the classes and class descriptions, and pay special attention for classes that have a pre-requisite.

Yes. We have single and class packages, they sell in packs of 5 or 10. We also recommend our inBalance On Demand App, that provides class steaming and workouts you can watch from your device and do anywhere. inBalance on Site or inBalance in Your Hotel allows you to bring a trainer with you wherever you are & Skype sessions give you one on one attention regardless of where you are. Just because life happens, doesn’t mean your workouts can’t.

Please make sure to arrive 15 min early if it’s your first time to inBalance so that we have time to give you a tour and introduce you to the instructor. Be prepared to move, sweat and feel amazing! Light weight, sweat-wicking fabrics are best. We have a changing room with changing stalls and cubbies for your belongings, as well as a restroom. We recommend bringing your own mat, although we have mats available for rental and water for sale.

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