May 3rd, 2016
Yoga Classes in San Antonio

inBalance offers all styles and levels of yoga classes, including Hatha, Power, Vinyasa, Restorative, and Gentle. So whether you are a yogi of many years standing, or new to this ancient practice, there is sure to be a class for you.


Ashtanga Yoga is a powerful sequence of Hatha Yoga postures combined with specialized breathing to create internal heat that opens the muscles and purifies the body. Each pose links to the next via a series of connecting movements called Vinyasa. The constant movement creates heat and leads to more flexibility. It's like a form of meditation. Students should leave each class feeling purified and powerful and realigned with an aura of inner peace. Regular practice can result in physical strength, flexibility and balance; improved cardiovascular health; an increased ability to focus; and a steadier mind and spirit. Ashtanga Yoga is a challenging form of yoga so our trainers encourage prior participation in a Vinyasa Flow class.


Gentle yoga is appropriate for all levels, especially beginners and those that want to advance gently through the practice of yoga. This class is especially well suited for pre/post natal yoginis, those recovering from injury or surgery and those seeking a gentler practice of yoga. that leads to peace, calm and self-acceptance of yoga. Each session takes place in a spirit of humor, humility, and warmth as you are invited into this deeply relaxing practice. After only a few sessions you'll find you can move further into postures with greater ease and reap yoga’s many benefits.

Harmony Restorative

Soothe your soul in this restorative class! Restorative Yoga blends moving meditative and bliss-producing restorative poses with lots of supportive props. And it takes place in an room flooded with soothing music and scents from carefully chosen aromatic oils to help attain a suitable level of relaxation. Restorative poses are an important part of any long-term yoga practice: they recharge our energy reserves, heal the effects of stress and bring our nervous systems into a more balanced state. This class will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed. The class is open to all levels.

Hatha Flow

In this class students will be guided through a series of asanas designed to reduce tension in the body, create flexibility and strength and promote focus. It is suitable for all levels as modifications are offered to either make the flow more challenging or relaxing. This is a good form of yoga for learning about the art's process of precision and alignment and all levels are encouraged to attend.

Power Flow Vinyasa

Open to all levels, Power Flow will stretch your muscles, build strength, find your balance, open your hips, turn you upside down and let you enjoy some stillness. You will leave feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Vinyasa Flow

In this practice, students flow from one posture to another, synchronizing breath and movement. Often the class begins with sun salutations, standing poses, and balancing postures, then moves to seated forward-folds, twists, backbends and inversions. Exertion may range from mild to vigorous and emphasis will vary from class to class. Modifications and variations will be offered in a supportive way for each person to practice comfortably. This class is most appropriate for students with a basic knowledge of yoga postures.

Yoga Sculpt

All levels class! Yoga Sculpt is designed to ignite energy on the mat. This powerful vinyasa flow is complimented with freehand weight integration, plyometric endurance, core work, and isometric metabolism stimulation to build lean muscles. In this packed 1 hour class, you will tighten your entire body and challenge your mind! This class will give you a complete physical work out, and mental work in.

Lengthen and Tone Yoga Flow

Lengthen & Tone Yoga is the perfect complement to your cardio workout or the perfect way to get moving with low impact. Ideal for all fitness levels, this class is a dynamic flow designed to strengthen and open up your muscles creating long, lean, definition in your body tone.

inBalance Core Fusion

Join us for a flowing full body workout that focuses on the core. This class blends elements of Pilates and Yoga for a mind body class like no other. Strengthen, lengthen and unwind in this fun free flowing class!

inBalance inMotion

A class that showcases all of our amazing class offerings each week! This class will be anything from power yoga, to Piloxing, to barre, TRX, vinyasa, zumba...the possibilities are endless! A great way to try out a new class and instructor each week!

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