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inBalance InTheZone is our cutting edge technology that gives you real time tracking of your effort, heart rate, calories burned and effort points. Tracking your heart rate allows you to identify which classes maximize your effort and calorie burn. It is the first group heart rate tracking to monitor your heart rate in recovery based classes like yoga and pilates. You will track, in real time, your recovery so you can control your breathing and exertion to stay in your recovery zone. The combination of tracking max effort and recovery is where real results are found. Bring PURPOSE to your PRACTICE.

Things you need to know before getting IN THE ZONE…

Measuring your heart rate is a great way to gauge the effectiveness of your inBalance class so you can work out smarter and measure the effectiveness of the complete workout. This doesn’t necessarily mean going all out, hard core in every single class. Because all of our classes at inBalance are designed to work your body differently, they are all designed to work your heart rate differently in order to produce different results. Fitness goals require different intensity levels. inBalance inTheZone helps you train in the optimal heart rate zone, from warm ups, through the class and into the cool down, to track fitness progress in each class. inBalance inTheZone also helps you tailor class selection to your individual fitness goals.


Our group heart rate tracking is the first group tracking system to monitor your heart rate in recovery based classes like yoga and pilates. And why, you might ask? Because recovery days are just as important as high intensity days at inBalance. These are the days when we allow our heart rate to be controlled in the lower levels so that we can recover and work out EVEN harder in our next high intensity class. This is where REAL RESULTS begin! Using personal heart rate monitors, paired with in-studio, on-screen technology, inBalance inTheZone allows you to see in real-time the impact of the workout from how fast the heart is beating to calories burned.

How effective is YOUR workout? Let us tell you with inBalance inTheZone!

Find your ZONE.

Here are some helpful terms you might want to know before getting InTheZone. We also have a thorough explanation in the studio to explain each zone and which zone you should aim to be in in each inBalance class.

Resting Heart Rate – the rate your heart beats per minute when you are relaxed. The average for a woman is 70-90 beats per minute.

Maximum Heart Rate – the peak amount of beats your heart has the potential to beat. The best way to calculate this subtracting your age from the number 220.

Recovery Heart Rate – the rate that you should bring your heart down to after a workout. A good number to go by is 20 beats within your pre-workout resting heart rate.

Get your inBalance heart rate monitor in this studio and start your journey IN THE ZONE!

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