What you need to know about prenatal nutrition

What you need to know about prenatal nutrition


Nutrition during pregnancy is of utmost importance, as most expecting others know, because you are nourishing your baby for delivery and setting him or her up for life. The food choices you make during pregnancy can affect your child’s development, food preferences, immune system, risk for disease and obesity (no pressure , right?!). As much as the raging hormones, at times, can make you want to eat all the junk you can get your hands on, this is not the best decision. And while the cravings can drive you insane, there are ways to tame these! It is all about being prepared and having access to healthier choices.

Just like I tell my nutrient clients who AREN’T pregnant, if you have junk in the house it’s going to eventually make it into your body, and it’s true for expecting moms as well! Knowing healthy alternatives to the not-so-healthy-things you crave can set you up for success throughout your pregnancy. If you crave sweets, for example, keeping a ton of fresh and frozen fruit can be a way to satisfy that. Or make homemade freezer pops with pureed fruit and a little all natural sweetener so you can pop one of out the freezer when you feel that sweet tooth kicking in. If you crave salty things like potato chips, make your own baked tortilla chips with some sea salt or some roasted, seasoned chickpeas in the oven; these are full of protein and fiber and can help satisfy the salty craving. As with any nutrition goals, it is also important to not get too hungry. Going hours and hours without eating is not good for anyone, especially when you are pregnant. This not only is going to affect your energy levels (and I don’t mean in a good way!), but it also makes you more likely to binge later in the day and more likely to binge on sugary and high carb foods that won’t leave you satisfied and totally jack up your insulin levels, making you more susceptible for gestational diabetes. Sticking to a healthier eating plan while you are pregnant can help keep your pregnancy weight in check so that you have less to lose post-baby; it will also ensure that your energy levels are at its peak and you feel amazing throughout your pregnancy!

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