Are you getting enough good bacteria?

Are you getting enough good bacteria?


Are you getting enough good bacteria?

There’s a specific part of your body that you might be neglecting… and it’s probably not what you think! I’m talking about your gut; not that part that hangs over your swimsuit, I mean your innards, your tummy, your gut health! A highly marketable area these days in the supplement ails at the grocery store, probiotics are all the rage. Find it added in your yogurt, your multivitamin, your protein powder, your juice, your tea… But do you really know what probiotics are? Probiotics are live bacteria that are good for your gut health (these are good bacteria, to the kind that make you sick). A healthy gut with proper amounts of healthy bacteria leads to a happy healthy digestive system, a healthy immune system, can keep you at a healthy weight and can even help keep you in a happy, healthy mental state (scientists are now calling your gut your “little brain” as it is responsible for millions of signals to your central nervous system). So many processes start in your gut, this is really a part of your body you shouldn’t neglect. To keep your tummy in tip top shape, it is essential to take a probiotic (or eat probiotics foods) on a regular basis.

It is actually easier than you think to get some probiotics in your diet. Of course the usual suspects like yogurt are easy to find, but things like protein powders and multivitamins ow have probiotics included in them. There are may plant based protein powders at grocery stores that include healthy probiotics and greens to give your body an extra boost (try Garden of Life Brands, some flavors have probiotics in them, as well as Vega). You can also buy powdered greens that include probiotics (try the brand Amazing Grass, tons of options there!).
There are chewable vitamins and multivitamins that are no longer just the run-of-the-mill multi, they are full of fruits and vegetables including probiotics.

If you are looking for a more all-natural approach with foods, try things like yogurt (regular ole yogurt or Greek yogurt , as well as non dairy yogurt have live bacteria in them), sauerkraut or kimchi, pickles (get the all natural no additives kinds to get the full effects), kombucha tea, tempeh (a fermented soybean product that is great for vegetarian cooking), miso soup, raw cheese (not pasteurized or processed!) and kefir ( a fermented dairy product).

Try adding some probiotics into your diet and enjoy a boosted metabolism and digestive system.

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