Creating balanced minds and balanced bodies.

All it takes is a little sweat, stretching and dedication to transformation.

Do you want to get in shape and make new friends but feel intimidated by the full-on atmosphere of San Antonio's gyms? Would you like to learn new skills while finding your inner peace? Or do you simply want to burn some calories while having fun and toning up? Well, inBalance could be just what you're seeking.

At inBalance you can find balance in life - for we not only teach Yoga, Pilates, Barre and invigorating Cardio classes, we also provide you with a sense of community and help you achieve personal growth. What's more, our smaller classes mean you always get personal attention and beginners are always welcomed with open arms. We make sure that from day one, we know your name and your fitness goals, so we help you get the results you want. Give it a try, we're sure you'll stay.

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Our mission statement

inBalance is a community that provides a safe place for all levels and age groups to get moving, challenge their minds, and gain empowerment over their bodies. We want people to fall in love with sustainable movement, while living a strong, healthy and beautiful life.

Living in San Antonio and looking to lose weight, enjoy greater flexibility, tone up, find inner peace or simply have fun? Our classes can help. See anything you like?

Yoga Classes in a spacious Studio in San Antonio


Health, Flexibility, Spiritual Growth

Yoga is a centuries old practice that not only keeps your body toned and feeling younger but also helps aid relaxation and realignment in the body. Here at inBalance we offer different styles of yoga (power, hatha, vinyasa and restorative), so you're sure to find one that fits, whether you're a beginner, a practiced yogi or simply looking for something to complement your current exercise regime.

Pilates Classes in a spacious Studio in San Antonio


Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness

The Pilates method of body conditioning aims to gain more control over the body, to strengthen the core and to enjoy agility, stability and better balance. Here at inBalance we teach many of the techniques devised by Joseph Pilates to promote endurance and more bodily awareness that not only helps in other sports, but also your everyday life.

Barre Classes in a spacious Studio in San Antonio


Create the body of your dreams

Anyone who's ever watched professional dancing, be it ballet, street dance or even the Lambada (yes, the forbidden dance) will have envied the firm, strong and bulk free bodies of the dancers. inBalance's own unique, high energy barre class blends techniques from pilates, ballet, plyometrics and yoga, put together in an interval based class to get your heart rate up and metabolism revved. The techniques combined in this class are designed to work the body from every side and angle in order to tighten and tone the entire body, provide balance and body awareness, all while challenging your cardiovascular and muscle endurance. inBalance Barre will challenge your mind and body like no other class.

Dance Classes in a spacious Studio in San Antonio


Turn up the music, burn up the calories

A workout doesn't and shouldn't be something you dread or feel duty-bound to do. It should be fun. Here at inBalance we teach dance classes that feel more like a night out with friends (which they are of course) than a way of keeping in shape. We aim to keep fitness fresh for anyone, regardless of their age, fitness level or gender. It's a truly energizing way to fight the fat.

Dance Classes in a spacious Studio in San Antonio


Eat right and reach your goals

We have certified Nutrition Coaches and offer single and weekly private nutrition strategy sessions to help you reach your physical goals. Get a customized workout plan, dietary instruction, recipes ideas and grocery tips that work best for you. Change the way you live and enjoy a happier, healthier, best-looking you.

Dance Classes in a spacious Studio in San Antonio


Developed as one of the training methods in the Navy SEALs

TRX Suspension Training is a bodyweight exercise that helps develops strength, balance, flexibility as well as core stability. This suspension system is completely scalable, so no matter where you are on the fitness spectrum, you can still get an effective total-body workout, forging a strong core and increasing overall muscular endurance. Join our TRX Sculpt class and shape your body while building long, lean muscles in the process.

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Healthy living isn't merely about turning up for your gym or fitness session, it's about an all-round attitude. Want to learn more about diet, nutrition, mental attitude and the latest exercise trends? Well, it's all to be found here in our weekly blog. Happy reading and good health to you all.

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inBalance inTensive

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